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Posted by JasonS on April 19, 2008

“Let us assume the worst of the FLDS. Let us say, for the sake of argument, that it is true that they like giving several 15-year-old girls to one 50-year-old lecherous fiend. I quite agree that such action is reprehensible and if we were living in times where there was justice to be found in the magistracy I would support the State practicing the doctrine of interposition in order to involve itself in the situation. However, the times we are living in suggests that the last place we can look for justice, especially in foster care situations, is from the State. In the link that Carmon provided in her last post the evidence is amply provided for how disastrous the foster care system is in the state of Texas. To take these children from the FLDS parents and place them in the hands of the Texas foster care system is like rescuing souls from purgatory and transferring them to hell.”

Read the complete article here.

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4 Responses to “FLDS and CPS”

  1. William said

    Once again Texas steps into the light and shows it’s stupidity.

    One must really understand the mindset of the Texas legal system and mostly the Child Protective Service within Texas. I know, I speak from prior experience. Born and raised in Texas, spent 5 years as as a child within the “award of the court” status, and as a former peace offficer in Texas, I can tell you that you no longer are innocent until proven guilty, you are guilty until proven innocent.

    It’s not up to the state to prove you did it, they only have to provide you the oppertunity to prove you didn’t.

    And that folks, is how the CPS division proceeds.

    Anyone can make a claim, even if only by phone, that you have done wrong by a child and they have the leagal right to take your child without much of an investigation, if any at all and then make you prove that you didn’t do it.

    Once they have your child in custody then you have to start living your life according to the “CPS Lifestyle” book or forget you have a child as you won’t get the child back. If fact, most of the CPS worker I have met or had delt with in a proffessional state, weren’t even married or even had children. Most were fresh out of college with no real formal time of service under a trainer like doctors or police officers get. Right from the class room to the streets inflicting their rightous views and opinions. These are the people telling us how to better raise or children.

    The fact that we all know now that some (possibly wacked out) person made a phone call (whom by the way hasn’t been found or produce) doesn’t matter. They are the new God of our community and our children. CPS proceeds in taking the child without due regard as to the mental endangerment they cause or enflict on the child by removing it from the parents all under the idea of “what’s best for the child”. Even to the extent of placing the child or children within homes or foster care centers untill they find other means of care. Most times they don’t even contact other family menbers before removing the child. And what is even worse, if your child is over 10-12 years of age and lives in a rual county that lacks such homes or centers your child can be placed in a juvenile detention holding cell untill one can be found. Hello — What’s wrong with this picture?????

    They have proven this even today, just look at where these children are presently. How many fold out lawn chairs are these children sleeping on. Makes me want to jump up and run out and spen the night at the local football stadium. can you imagine being one of these children in their current mindset waiting in line to use the bathroom or getting dinner???

    Texas, I feel, has placed its self in a position that will determine what exactly is the definition of “seperation of church and state” and ones right to practice its beliefs of religion without perscution.

    My only question now, at what point do the parents of these 400 some odd children say enough is enough and go take back their children. I for one, would be extremely upset if one of those children were mine. I think I would already be storming some door ways to get my child even if by force.

    I have the right under the US Constitution to practice my religious beliefs.

    Now I don’t practice the FLD’s religious beliefs, but if thier religion that they strong believe in supports the marriage of one man to several women and the marriage of thier children whom happen to be under the age of 16, whom am I to tell them ( or the state) they are wrong and force my beliefs down their throats. After all, I may be wrong, but the last time I checked, it was leagal to marry your child off under 18 years of age if they had parental consent.

    The sad part, some of these if not most of the children in custody will most likely end up in the opposite end of the state, away from their families, as there won’t be enough foster care or temp centers to care for these children in west Texas.

    Could this be the next “war”????

  2. Christian Prophet said

    I saw the video about the horrible drug-infested Texas Foster Care system at:

    I also read most of a thousand thought-provoking comments by citizens outraged by Texas Bureaucrats’ blatant violation of the constitution at:

    This situation has huge historical significance.

  3. There was absolutely no reason for them to go in there and take those children from those people the way that they did. I agree that an investigation needed to be done, but to take 400 children out of a community with no evidence whatsoever except for a phone call which in all likelihood never really took place and even if it did, they still can’t FIND this person… it’s shameful and a violation of the law. The CPS is the only government organization that has regularly been able to go into a person’s home on the mere word of someone else and do this kind of long-lasting damage to a family. The police can’t go seize your car without a warrant to do so, so why should the CPS be able to seize 400 children on the word of one person they can’t even find???

  4. pastoralmusings said

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful it all would simply obey the law, not only in letter, but in spirit?
    These days it seems that gov’t agencies do as they please.

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