Christians Respond to Newsweek Article on Homosexual “Marriage’

Posted: December 9, 2008 in Family, marriage, morality
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Mollie at Get Religion says:

As a journalist, it violated almost every rule in the book. It failed to accurately represent the viewpoint being scrutinized. It was riddled with errors. It was driven by emotion. More than a few journalists — one at a competing weekly news magazine — wrote to me yesterday asking, “Where was her editor”

Again she says:

I hold sacred the New Testament model of marriage and find Miller’s comments to be beneath contempt. I also wonder what, if anything, she has read from the New Testament.

When my husband read the opening graph of this train wreck of a hit piece, he wondered if these words of Jesus, found in the Gospel of Matthew, indicated indifference to family…

Al Mohler says:

…no honest reader of the biblical text will share this simplistic and backward conclusion.  Furthermore, to accept this argument is to assume that the Christian church has misunderstood the Bible from its very birth — and that we are now dependent upon contemporary “progressive scholars” to tell us what Christians throughout the centuries have missed.

Mark Hemingway says:

…the best I can do here is vacillate between whether or not it’s possible for a religion reporter to be this ignorant or wonder to what extent Miller’s personal politics have made her so willfully uncharitable in describing what a large majority of American Christians believe regarding marriage.

I do believe Newsweek should print a retraction, or present an article by Al Mohler.

Just musing…

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