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Speaking of the Day of Silence observed at many schools to protest the “bullying” of homosexuals, WorldNetDaily says:

The following are some incidents that took place during the silent protests and were reported by Mission America:

  • Phoenix, Ariz.: At Maryvale High School, a school announcement said the following: “Do you want to be “normal,” just another faceless drone of society? Neither do we! Come to the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) every Wednesday after school in the lecture hall to learn how to be more accepting of your differences and the differences of others.” Parents were not informed of the meetings.Also in Phoenix, at Desert Ridge High School, Arizona Republic reported that nearly 250 students stayed home. A parent who objected to the observance hosted a pool party for students who refused to participate. His son received a death threat via text message, and police questioned a group of homosexual students who silently sat across the street from his home.

  • Kirksville, Mo.: A parent reported that the Kirksville High School principal and superintendent laughed when she asked if her child could be excused from participating in the school’s Day of Silence. According to Mission America, she said, “They called me a narrow-minded bigot and refused to give excused absences.”Also in Missouri, more than 400 students protested by staying home from Raymore-Peculiar High School on the day of the silent observances.

  • Chaska, Minn.: At Chaska High School, the observance was extended into a full week of activities promoting “diversity.” T-shirts were sold, and teachers were encouraged to join silent students in protest. Community events included a pow wow, discussion groups and a mayor’s pizza dinner.Also in Minnesota, Maple Grove school administrators reportedly told an 11th grade student he would be considered truant and his grades would suffer if he did not attend school.

  • Indiana: Despite parent protests, a public school participated in the observance, told parents it was “against the law” to cancel the event and insisted absences would be unexcused for the day.

  • Iowa: A school board member claimed that remaining silent to observe homosexuality would be no more disruptive than a “Christian wearing a cross” to classes.

  • Oklahoma: A principal said that if he did not observance of the DOS, he would not be able to continue Bible clubs and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

  • Milwaukee, Wis.: Germantown High School sold DOS T-shirts in the weeks prior to the event. An administrator claimed the day was not pro-homosexual, but a time to learn to tolerate all people. The school went so far as to show a clip of the movie “Exodus” and compare homosexual mistreatment to the Holocaust.

  • Snoqualmie, Wash.: At Mount Si High School, Pastor Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church led a protest against the day. Hundreds of students and their parents peacefully gathered outside the school, and more than 600 students stayed home.

  • Tampa, Fla.: Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair called for parents to resist student participation in the day’s events, saying homosexuals weren’t the only ones who are bullied. Also in Florida, a principal threatened to give a student failing grades for the entire year if he did not participate in school that day.

  • Santa Barbara, Calif.: Rep. Lois Capps (D-Calif.) of Santa Barbara introduced a resolution recognizing the day and a 15-year-old cross-dresser, Larry King, who was murdered at school in California, the Ventura County Star reported. The 2008 event was dedicated to Larry.

  • Reisterstown, Md.: At Franklin High School, posters promoted “gay” marriage, calling dissenters “homophobic.” The Christian Culture Club was banned from hanging posters with slogans or religious beliefs. The student president of the club protested, and to her surprise the school principal agreed to have the posters removed.
  • The question needs to be asked: “Who is truly dealing in hate and bullying?” It seems that Christians and conservatives are the targets, and not the GLBT crowd.
    Just musing….

Various controversies seem to arise in the blogosphere.

Because of virtual anonymity we can say practically anything. As a matter of fact, we feel much more free to do so than if we met our fellow man face-to-face in a disagreement.

In the end, let us all not forget to keep the Gospel in the forefront of our blogs. Sure, homosexuality and politics are hot-button issues. So is tithing. What is most important is the Gospel, because God is glorified therein.

1 John 2:12
I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name’s sake.

Just musing….

“Out of 1,410 students, nearly half (638) reportedly walked out of school on DOS with a unified voice saying, ‘No! We’re here to learn. We refuse to be subject to radical homosexual indoctrination at school or anywhere else!'”

Read it all here.

It is time that something be understood by the GLBT community: the fact that conservatives and Christians declare that their lifestyle is abominable is nowhere near as hateful as the name calling that is directed toward those Christians who oppose homosexuality. Why is it OK to call Christians bigots, hateful, homophobes, bullies, etc. for their beliefs when Christians are supposed to submit to this hate and say nothing about their own beliefs? That is neither equal or right. In fact, it is hateful, wrong, and an inaccurate assessment of true Christians. True Christians love homosexuals and do neither advocate nor encourage violence against them. They simply expect the right to express their beliefs as others.

Hmmmm…I wonder who is truly being hateful?

Update:  For those who question the validity of the above news article, the following links are given:

WorldNet Daily

Seattle Times

Americans For Truth

Interestingly enough, one commenter stated that some simply stayed home so as to not be involved in either side.  This says that many of the absences were planned as part of the protest.

In the end, there is some discrepancy in numbers.  There may be some spin on both sides of the issue.  Yet, I must say that CWFA gives a fairly accurate report simply because it was planned that many stay home from school in protest of the Day of Silence.

By the way, DOS was not too silent.

Wait!  Isn’t it somewhat HATEFUL to encourage people to throw rocks at someone.  Sure, the man needs a little moderation in his approach.  He is a little over the top with some of his comments, but is violence the answer?  Christians are called hateful and bigoted.  What do you call someone who holds a “throw rocks here” sign that is pointed toward one who opposes him?  Oh………maybe it’s because the guy with the sign is white and the preacher is black………….(all sarcasm intended to help the foolish GLBT community understand their double standard).

Update: The Senate is trying to sneak “hate crimes” legislation into a defense bill again. Now, that is very hateful. Instead of seeking the voice of the people, or listening to the voice of the people who have already defeated this foolishness multiple times by their popular outcry, they intend to continue on in their elitist mindset that declares that they know better than we what we need. They need to do their work in the sunshine. I am so sickened by the deceitfulness and backroom dealings of our government officials!